The question most commonly asked and the answer is YES. Thailand is a country that prides itself on the family unit and children are such a huge part of the community here. Below are just a few questions answered but if we haven't covered it here do just drop us a line at and we will try our best to help.



At POP Villas we pride ourselves on the full service and this of course includes taking care of the kids if you want a romantic dinner in town or a day to yourselves to be grown ups! A trusted and vetted babysitter on POP Villas staff will stay in the villa with your children and make sure they are safe and sound.



Koh Tao is packed full off things for the kids to enjoy. We have snorkel and masks so you can paddle around the beach and enjoy fish spotting, we can arrange family day trips around the island or dive trips as well as kayaks and paddle boarding. We normally have a flat, calm sea on Koh Tao so there aren't any waves to negotiate! For 'on land' fun we have a Trapeze school on the island and kids always love getting involved in the Thai Cooking Classes we put on at the villa. 



Once children are 8 years old they can join the PADI Bubblemaker. Simply put this is a mini dive for mini divers! They are allowed to scuba to a maximum depth of 2m so they can explore the shallows of a calm bay or have fun in the pool. Our affiliated Dive School has smaller equipment to make this manageable and fun. 

  • Small groups of up to a maximum of 2 children per instructor.
  • Private tuition available.
  • Full (junior) equipment hire included.



For every family when planning a trip its always important to know where to turn if anything should go wrong. Koh Tao has medical centres with at least 1 or 2 doctors and nurses on site at all times that can treat most medical problems immediately and with minimal cost. The pharmacies on the island are well stocked so you should find any mainstream medicines without a problem.

For anything more serious, emergency speed boats are available to travel to Koh Samui to Bangkok Hospital Samui. The care at this hospital is outstanding, and can be considered the same if not better than most western hospitals. For emergency services Koh Tao has a donation and volunteer run service that are on call 24 hours a day, simply put Koh Tao Rescue and the people who run it are incredible.  The phone number is programmed into your villa mobile but should always be kept at hand +66 (0) 87 9790191.

Our friends at give a great run through of medical services, tourist police information and banking guidance. 



We are very lucky to have an excellent swimming school in Koh Tao that gives private lessons in the Sunset Villa pool on request. 

Splashdance 'n' Swim is run by Nicki, an independent and fully qualified swimming instructor, offering a range of aquatic programmes that develops the confidence in swimming, snorkeling and water survival techniques. Comfort, safety and enjoyment are paramount in Nicki’s teaching philosophy, and each lesson is carefully planned and tailored to individual needs. Water confidence and the ability to swim are gifts for life, and open the door to a wide range of water based activities such as Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Sailing, all of which can be enjoyed here on Koh Tao. 



Getting to the island will be no problem at all. Both boat companies (Lompraya and Seatran) have very helpful staff and big boats that can easily fit strollers and luggage. Lompraya is a little more expensive but the more comfortable and faster option.

Once on the island most tourists get about on scooters and some families also choose this option but the safest way will always be by Taxi. We have a dedicated taxi driver at POP Villas with agreed rates for you to use whenever you like. Taxi's unfortunately are more expensive here than other islands and even though our island is small,  most journeys cost around 400 Baht. The taxi will always be a Toyota Hilux 4 Wheel Drive like the image here. Elsewhere on the island they may try to charge more, especially at night but with our driver you will always have the agreed rate. His number is programmed into your villa mobile.

Currently there is no way to rent a car on the island but things change all the time so let us know with as much notice as possible if this is something you would like to do and we will do our absolute best to find a way!